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Mad Hatters Online Slot Game

Microgaming fans have a new game to wet their pallets with. It’s called Mad Hatters.
As you can tell from the name this reel is inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland. The story had its fair share of melancholy however Mad Hatters celebrates the joyful and colorful themes that Alice in Wonderland has to offer. Purple is the dominant color on the reels and the symbols are closely related to the theme.

The symbols include tea and cake, bunnies in hats, cuckoo clocks and a few other items that you would expect to see at a Mad Hatters tea party. Some websites offer free spins however you can head to casinos to make real bets with real money.

You’re going to start off by placing your bets on the paylines. Coin sizes go from 0.01 to 0.10 each and you can select how many you wish to wager on a given payline. Selecting the lines will give you a more personalized way to bet however you can forgo that process and just place the maximum bet. Click the spin button to get the reels going or set up Autoplay so that they spin continuously for however many times you want.

Your bonus symbol in Mad Hatters is a Cuckoo Clock. Get three of these on any 3 or more side-by-side reels and you activate the Cuckoo Clock bonus feature. This feature works by allowing you to play a game where you must pick the right symbols to trigger bonus prizes.

The Red Top hat works as the Wild Symbol. Get five of these on an active payline and you earn 20000 coins. If you get less than five then it substitutes for any of the other symbols except for the bonus and scatter symbol.

Scatter symbols come in the form of a Rabbit in a Hat. This symbol can multiply the winnings of the bet on the payline. Get three Scatter symbols in a row and you active Free Spins. How many free spins you get depends on how many scatter symbols you have. 3 rabbits get you 10 free spins, 4 rabbits for 25 free spins and 5 rabbits wins you 50 free spins. Right before the free spins start you can pick an extra card of your choice to appear on the reel.

Mad Hatters has proven to be an engaging game with plenty of features to keep you interested in all things online slots. If the features are your reason for playing Mad Hatters then you can bet on the number of paylines that feels right for you, making it ideal for newbies and veterans alike.


Treasure Nile 5-Reel Online Slots

Slot games are great when they have an interesting theme. Ancient Egypt has been done so much that most of us probably know the entire Egyptian history without picking up a history book. Treasure Nile Online Slot gives us a unique twist on this classic theme while delivering slick, crisp graphics and a progressive jackpot hidden in there which puts it way ahead of most mobile slot games.

Microgaming went all out to bring you the Egyptian feel and have numerous Egyptian symbols such as the Sphinx, the Nile, sacred scrolls, pyramids, pharaohs, Anubis and hieroglyphics.

The graphics set this game apart in terms of aesthetics but there is nothing new about the gameplay. It’s got 9 paylines, a progressive jackpot and no extra fancy features. Treasure Nile 5-Reel is so simple that beginners can play it as well.

Treasure Nile 5-Reel doesn’t have any bonus rounds or free spins. What it does have are Wild symbols which are pyramid symbols that can swap in for any other symbol except the Golden Scarab beetle which functions as the Scatter symbol. Three or more Scatter symbols on any three reels will earn you up to 50 times your initial bet.

The simplicity of it will put off veteran players. Every spin will cost you 4.50 which is a little high for beginners and very limiting for players who like to bet big. Veteran players love choice. They want to be able to bet up to 100 or more depending on their gut-feeling about the next reel. Switching up your bets makes it worth playing for long periods. Only having one bet makes you get bored rather fast. What’s clear is that this game was designed for players who prefer to make relatively small bets.

Jackpots spice things up however they do not happen randomly. The only way to trigger them is by scoring five King Tut symbols on 9th payline and it is not easy to do.

Treasure Nile online slots has been around since 2004. Microgaming did a splendid job with its display design by putting in the symbols and images however just like most games that look good from the outside, it lacks the kind of depth that makes it engaging. Bonus rounds are known to hold the attention of most gamers however this game chooses to avoid those and entice its gamers with larger payouts such as the progressive jackpot which starts at $40,000 and rises at an impressive rate.


Pretty Kitty Online Slot – A Popular Online Slot Game For All Ages

Obsessed with playing online slot games? You may want to try out the newest craze. Amusingly called Pretty Kitty Online, this popular online slot game is developed and powered by Microgaming. Just like what its name suggests, its theme is cats and wealth, an unlikely pairing for non-players, though players instantly get its appeal once they have used the platform. It makes use of 5 reels, with players paying within the range of 30p to £75 for each spin. It is also one of the more accessible online slot machines as it is available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

How is Pretty Kitty played?

In Pretty Kitty, the low value symbols are the gemstones while the high value ones are each of the five cats. All the cat symbols are stacked in the base game, which means when a full symbol stack is reached on the first reel, the other appearances of the same symbol will have an expanded value. This is called the Expanding Symbols feature. So if you managed to stack the white Persian cat symbol on the first reel, all other instances in the next reels will benefit.

Another great feature of Pretty Kitty is called Free Spins. Once a player gets more than 2 diamond collar scatters anywhere on the reels, he or she will be getting a reward of 15 free spins. This Pretty Kitty feature can also be retriggered, which means you will get 15 more additional spins on top of your initial reward.

Getting a full stack of the Pretty Kitty symbol on the first reel will also mean that all other wilds on the other reels will expand.

How is it compared to other cat-themed slot games online?

Online slot game experts would be quick to draw comparisons between Pretty Kitty and another cat-themed slot game, Kitty Glitter. There are various similarities, of course, but Pretty Kitty is miles ahead with its fresher game play, sharp graphics as well as bigger chances of winning.

It is also different to Miss Kitty as that game has 50 paylines, with a bigger amount per spin, ranging from 50p to £100. While Miss Kitty also has a Free Spins reward feature, players are less likely to win with it though when they do, it can go as high as $100,000.

So if you are thinking about playing an online slot machine that delivers big wins and also have a cute factor, Pretty Kitty may be the game for you.


What You Should Essentially Know About Progressive Jackpot Slots

What You Should Essentially Know About Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots typically refer to jackpot slots for gaming machines such as video poker and slot machines. In this kind of jackpot, the value of possible win increases by a certain percentage after every played game unless the player wins. Usually, numerous machines are linked together to create one inclusive slot that grows quickly since multiple players take part.

Progressive jackpots were around even before online casino games were developed, but in a smaller scale. Initially, land based casinos often linked their games and at times extended the network to neighboring local casinos, allowing players to take part in the comprehensive slot and luckily win big. Things are better now! You can easily access and place bets on progressive jackpot slots online.

How Modern Progressive Slots Work

Actually, this type of slot game usually works just like other types of casino games. The only difference is that progressive slots comprises of games that can work independently. Every bet placed by any player who is registered on the standard reel machine contributes to the overall prize of the progressive jackpot slot. Basically, the jackpot amount is factored into payout ratios and shared among the available slots.

How You Can Get the Best Out Of Progressive Slots

When playing progressive slots, adapting preeminent strategies is important for you to stand a real chance of winning the virtual progressive prize. First of all, it is essential to read game policies, which are often built in to progressive slots since they dictate any chance of winning the jackpot prize.

It is extremely important to note that with optimal strategy you can make a considerable profit by specifically playing progressive slots when the prizes are above the break-even point. At this time slots are simpler and chances of winning are significantly increased.

Above all, you need to be realistic with the way you play progressive jackpot slots. You should not over-extend since there are utterly no guarantees that you will win. If you play for smaller stakes, chances are that the reduction in payout percentage will not affect your chance of scooping the prize.

It is also important to note that even advantage players who play specifically when the progressive slot provides them with favorable expectation still contribute substantial revenue to the casino. Most importantly, most casinos do not allow team players, but team playing could certainly reduce the revenue you are charged.


Reviews of The Latest Online Slots

Online slots are increasingly becoming a popular alternative for people who don’t wish to spend a lot of time in a brick and mortar casino. Here are two of the best among the latest online slots.

Jungle Jim El Dorado Online Slot – For online gamblers who love adventure themes, Jungle Jim El Dorado was tailor-made for you. This slot game from Microgaming has 5 reels with 25 different pay lines. Spins start at 25 pence, and the game has features that enable players to win in almost every spin.
The premise of the game is that the player, Jungle Jim, journeys into the depth of the jungle in search for the El Dorado, the golden city.

Players can make use of the rolling reels feature, which provides a chance for continued winning. The more you win, the more free spins you get on this online slot. There is also a Multiplier Trail feature which multiplies your winnings by an increasing value depending on the number of spins you have already undertaken.

The free spin feature gives 10 free spins to player who get 3 simultaneous scatters on the first three reels. Additionally, winnings are multiplied by three, and consecutive winnings are in turn multiplied by increasing factors of three.

In this game, you can win up to 3680 times your original stake. The jackpot is set at 8000 units of currency, which is similar to most other online slots in its class. If adventure is your cup of tea, this it definitely the slot game for you.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Online Slot – Named after one of the most popular nursery rhymes, Bar Bar Black Sheep Online Slot has a farmyard theme. The slot game is simple and intuitive even for a first time player. The slot game software was created by Microgaming, which has a reputation for making top notch online casino games. This online slot game has 5 reels and 15 pay lines, with 15 pence spins.

To get the Bar Bar bonus in this game, you have to get a black sheep symbol adjacent to two bar symbols on a pay line. The reward for this lucky spin is a 3 digit multiplier, which makes it possible for you to get a 50 fold win on your original bet.

You can win free spins if you get three or more bags of wool on all reels. For three bags of wool, you get 15 spins, and there is an increase of five spins for every extra bag. Winnings are also multiplied by three with a top up of 20 free spins.

The jackpot for this online slot game is 8000 units of currency, which is quite sizable for a game of its caliber. If you would like to enjoy a simple online casino game with a hint of nostalgia from your kindergarten days, this is the online slot for you.