What is the best site to play online roulette in Canada?

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    Henry Cutoh

    Hi Guys,

    I want to play roulette online but I am struggling to trust any sites.

    I want one that allows Canadian citizens to play and withdraw.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Greg Greg

    Hi Henry. Good question, i was asking myself the same question about 3 years ago. I tested around 10 casinos, only 1 was an out and out scam but it is clear to me some are better than others. The one i ended up staying with was Luxury Casino.

    They had a good sign up offer, it was spread over 5 deposits but it adds up to $1000, its not as simple as $1000 welcome bonus like they advertise so be aware you do need to deposit 5 times to get it all but if you’re playing regularly then this will happen naturally.

    Their customer care if really good, its 24 hours and almost no waiting times like other casinos where their customer care can be pretty much non existent.

    As for roulette, they have everything from digital to live (including European & American roulette) and all sorts of cool variations of it.

    Here is a screenshot of their live dealer roulette lobby where you can see the game variations, they are pretty fun https://pasteboard.co/IxakH5R.png

    Live Dealer roulette screenshot

    Anyway this is just my opinion so feel free to shop around and if you find a better option feel free to let me know.

    Ben Cuttisor

    Yeah you cannot go wrong with Luxury Casino, I have played with them for years.

    Here is the homepage: https://www.luxurycasino.com/en/

    Lightening roulette is particularly fun

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    Laura Curry

    Yep Luxury Casino all the waaaay. Love it

    Kim Clooney

    Meh… Luxury Casino is ok… I much prefer Zodiac Casino, deposit $1 and they give you 80 spins on a slot game to settle you in.

    Fred Hutton

    I play on Luxury too, glad to know others like it.

    Chris moore

    I prefer Zodiac like Kim said, but Luxury was good to me too.

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