Play Online Slots in Canada – Top Reviewed Online Slots 2023

Although many players may differ when it comes to selecting their favorite online casino game, most of them will tell you that online slots have been and are one of the favorites of the industry.

Mike Garland

About a century back, the gambling scene welcomed a fascinating invention from a one Charles Fey of San Francisco; what would quickly become the most sought after game in the Casino industry.

Since then, slot machines have undergone numerous changes from the simple ‘one armed bandit’ machine to being played on a virtual interface. However, it is not till 1994 that the first online slot machine was released. Apart from the classic slot machines which have maintained a close similarity to the original slot machines, most of them are advanced and more exciting to play.

At, we promise to make your online casino gaming experience most memorable by ensuring that you have the right information before you set out to play. Consider this article as an all in one guide to all things you may want to know about online slots.

General Information in relation to online slots

Before delving deeper into our subject, we want to make sure that even those who are new to the gaming scene know what we mean. When you enter a casino, you will see rows of machines arranged with rows of players sitting at them. If you’ve taken a close look, these machines pay out when you have three rows of the same symbol displayed on the screen.

Now that we are sailing together, you need to know that there are different types of online slots. If we were to break them down, then we would have video slots, reel slots, progressive slots, straight slots, single pay line and lastly, multi-line slots. These variations, and also the fact that online slots are based on a broad range of themes have made online slots a popular choice.

Another advantage when it comes to playing online slots is the flexibility and ease of the game. Although there being more than a hundred different online slot games, the core gameplay for each is the same. Heard of the ‘one armed bandit?’ This was the general description of the first online slot machine. It had three reels and one pay line. Today, online slot machines have up to five reels and many pay lines.

2006 saw the introduction of 3D slot machines which brought more thrill to the already captivating game. When playing online slots in 3D, the background comes alive, and the symbols appear to be jumping towards the players. The fun bit is when you get a winning combination and are treated to an animated sequence. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the online slots available and what makes the game so attractive.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

When playing online slots, you may find that several sites have the same type of slot machine. In some cases, these machines are linked together to offer something known as a progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a maximum win that goes up every time somebody plays a game until one lucky player wins the full amount.

As an online slots player, you should play progressive jackpot as the maximum win sometimes is a life changing amount. But how does it work?

Every player who plays in online slots has a small portion of their bet taken and added to the jackpot. Gamblers commonly refer to this amount as the ‘meter’ and it is taken from different interlinked slot machines simultaneously. For instance, if at a particular time, several players are participating in Millionaire Genie, they will be playing for and contribute towards the same jackpot. Also, all players involved in slots bearing the same title like Marvel slots will be partaking in the same jackpot. This remains whether they are playing The Avengers or Iron Man 3 slots.

As you may have gathered, the maximum win in a progressive jackpot may be huge but also the chances of winning it slimmer. The win mechanics in progressive jackpot slots varies with different machines but knowing the minimum qualifying bet and the play meters may be a good way to stay ahead.

Playing Slots on Mobile

If you were starting to get concerned whether you can play online slots on your mobile device, worry not. At you will discover a broad range of online slot games and the mobile casinos you can play at regardless of your mobile device. Therefore be it Android, iOS or Blackberry you are covered.

When it comes to playing online slots on your mobile, some people may get a little confused since some mobile casinos will require you to download their apps, others will allow you to play directly from the web browser while others will have you download the game onto your device.

Here, you will learn how to play online slots on any mobile device as the mobile casinos we list here have everything. This includes Android slots, Smartphone slots, iPhone slots, Java phone slots, Tablet slots, iPad slots, iPod touch slots, HTML 5 mobile slots, web browser slots, Blackberry slots, mobile App slots and Nokia mobile slots.

Latest Casino Slots

New online slot games are released at least every month, such as Augustus, Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar and Mega Vault Millionaire and at we make sure to bring you the hottest titles as soon as they hit the online gaming scene. With the numerous games being released, it stands to reason that online slot fans are overwhelmed with choice. Leading software developers like NetEnt, RTG, Microgaming, and Betsoft is continuously creating new slot machines to cater for every player’s needs out there. The latest casino slots being introduced into the online scene are packed with excitement as they cover a broad range of themes that are unmatched by any land based casino.

You will love to know that not only are there new titles being released, but new features as well to improve the gameplay and give the players new ways to win more money. Such innovations include stacked wilds, multi-way wins, multiple grids, mini-games and other concepts that will help you cash out more money in your next spin.

The icing on the cake is that before you can spend your hard earned money, you can always try out new slots for free as you continue getting a better grip on the game. Playing online slots just got more exciting, and you can catch the entire thrill here at Also, don’t forget to check out Zodiac Casino.