Should I Play Online Casino on Wi-Fi Or Data?

Whether you’re an avid online casino player or are just getting accustomed to the online casino world, there are many questions you may want to ask. As many online casinos are available on tablets and cell phones, it begs the question: should I play online casino on Wi-Fi or data? Check out the best online casino to play in Canada here.  With many pages telling you all about how to win big prizes and find the best rewards, here we look at the more practical side of gambling and how to gamble in a way that’s better for your mobile phone plan.

Exactly How Much Data Can Be Used When Playing Online Casino?

If you are at home or in a space with public Wi-Fi, it may be best to utilize this free data whilst you can. However, you should be careful when connecting to public Wi-Fi and inputting personal details. Before playing online casino, you should check the cap on your current data plan. You should also ensure you have a warning system in place for when you are reaching the end of your allowance, otherwise you may go over without knowing. If you’re unsure whether you will get a reminder text, call your network and check this is set up. It is almost impossible to provide an exact amount of data that an online casino may consume, as this comes down to the casino and the player. However, the best way to work out an average is assuming that one spin when playing a low standard graphic slot game uses 1KB of cell phone data. A live casino is much more likely to use your data faster.

Choose a Plan That Suits Your Online Casino Needs

If your home internet connection has a cap on how much data can be used, you should be careful with playing online casino via Wi-Fi. If not, playing on online casinos via Wi-Fi should never be an issue. If you do plan on playing on an online casino and want the ability to play anywhere, make sure you have an unlimited cell phone data plan. Look at how much you usually use monthly, and regularly check up on your habits to provide you with an estimate on how much data is being consumed by online casinos. If you are on a pay-as-you-go plan, an online casino could rack up a huge cell phone bill in a short space of time.

Always Download Via Wi-Fi

No matter what, if you are planning on testing out a new game or a new casino, you should always download any apps using Wi-Fi. This is one of the biggest data killers, and downloading over cell phone data could be damaging to your overall allowance for the month. If you look at one spin being 1KB of data, using your cell phone data to download an app could be the same as playing 10,000 spins! Find out more about top factors to consider when choosing online casinos here.  

Whilst some players prefer online mobile apps, the best way to play over cell phone data is with an online casino website that can be optimized for cell phones. This allows you to skip the downloads and save yourself some data.