Thunderstruck Stormchaser Slot Review

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Mike Garland

Anyone playing online slot games for some time will at least have heard about the famous Thunderstruck series from Stormcraft Studios and Microgaming. However, it has been a while since a new game was released in the series, but that wait is over now.

New Game

Thunderstruck Stormchaser

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  • Game Type: Slot Game
  • Win Rate: >96.1%
  • Volatility: High
  • Bonus Features: Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Bonus Buys, Multipliers, Wildstorm, and Rolling Reels
  • Minimum Bet: 0.20
  • Maximum Bet: 25.00
  • Device Availability: iPhone, Android, Tablet, and Computer

After the previous success of Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck II, and Thunderstruck Wild Lightning, the fourth game, aka Thunderstruck Stormchaser, is all set to take over online casinos once again. Let’s take a good look at Stormcraft’s latest, and what could very well be their best release in the series yet.

Gameplay Features

The telltale sign of a good slot game is that it is never too complicated, nor is it over simplistic; a bill that fits Thunderstruck Stormchaser by Stormcraft Studios like a glove. In the base game, there are the usual high and low signs in the form of runes, gods, and magical symbols. If enough of them match on the same reels, you will win back small to medium-sized prizes based on your bet size.

Multi-Chase, Rolling Reels, and Wilds

The game’s more interesting and far more rewarding features unlock more easily with Multi-Chase. Multi-chase activates the Rolling Reels feature in the base game itself and your slot reels will keep rolling to match win multipliers, even after you enter the WildStorm stage with Free Spins.

The Wild symbol is Thyra herself, and she can appear at any stage of the game. It is possible to get as many as five wild symbols on the reels in the base game itself. Rare as it may be, if you do manage to get five wilds on the reel, it will turn all symbols on the screen into a complete match, on top of adding a big bonus multiplier to boost your winnings.

When there are not five of them on the reels, wild symbols simply transform into the same symbol as the one next to it, as well as transforming the symbol next to it on its other side into the same icon for a winning match. The bottom line is that if you see two or more Thyras on your screen, then your chances of winning at least something increase exponentially.

WildStorm, Free Spins, and Scatters

The WildStorm in Thunderstruck Stormchaser is a collection of three premium features designed to benefit the player and boost their chances of winning significantly. To activate each of these features, you will need one WildStorm Token.

If the player gets three, four, or five scatters at any point while playing, they will get a chance at the big Free Spins Selection Wheel, which will decide how many Free Spins you will have to work with. Also, the WildStorm Tokens are awarded every time you manage to win Free Spins from the wheel. There’s also a Bonus Pay feature that allows players to buy Free Spins for that extra advantage.

Theme: Story, Graphics, and Sound

The theme plays a more important part in slot games than people tend to realize, because without well-integrated themes, supported by high-quality, graphics, animations, and audio effects, the experience would become downright boring. All winning slot game strategies require patience and boredom is a direct enemy of that virtue! Thankfully, Thunderstruck Stormchaser has taken full advantage of today’s game development technology to present a truly immersive interface that will keep players interested in the slot for long hours at a stretch.

The story in Thunderstruck Stormchaser continues exactly from where it was left off in the previous game, Thunderstruck Wild Lightning. The World Stones were successfully reconnected to the World Tree (Yggdrasil) and the nine realms have finally been stabilized. However, Thor is yet to recover Odin’s mighty spear from the ravages of Ragnarök and he cannot take his rightful place atop the Golden Throne of Asgard without his father’s spear Gungnir.

Unfortunately for him, the Goddess of WildStorms and war, aka Thyra, stands in his way. She was created by the developers exclusively for Thunderstruck Stormchaser, based on the ancient Norse God of War, Týr. Thor must fight through all her challenges and obstacles to secure Gungnir before he can return to Asgard as the new All-Father.

It’s the same theme of ancient Norse gods with Thor in focus, just as it was with the previous Thunderstruck titles. However, a combination of the story progression and the revamped, highly advanced audio/visual presentations make Thunderstruck Stormchaser one of the most interesting and best-looking slot games of 2022. You also get to choose your own background while playing the game, thanks to Thunderstruck Storm chaser’s playlist feature.