Watch Out for Online Casino Scams When Surfing the Internet

You can access online casinos from most countries and from any device, including your computer, tablet and cell phone. All you need is a good internet connection, and you’re ready to go. With the convenience of online casino games, many players are choosing to take advantage of great bonuses and play solely online. Unfortunately, this brings with it the risk of online casino scams. If you want to stay safe when playing online, follow the tips below or click here for safe and secure​​​​​ online casinos here.

The Main Scams to Look Out For

Many of the online scams are not obvious to the naked eye, so you need to be very careful. If you have received an email from an online casino you’ve never signed up for, be very vigilant. There are several scams including using fake URLs that are very similar to real sites or casinos pretending to be real, with the help of fake licenses and certifications. This means you may not even notice until you begin spending and win nothing. Some scam online casinos have been known to steal details including bank card numbers and other personal information.

Finding Reputable Casinos

The best way to avoid an online casino scam is to find a reputable source. Regular players will continuously be offered with promotions via email or text. If you don’t recognize the casino, or if the email has gone into your spam, be very careful of trusting the email. There are many ways to find reputable casinos by searching online and reading online casino reviews.

Check the Webpage Information

The most obvious way to find out if an online casino is real or a scam of the original is to check its URL. Any fake sites will have a similar URL but there will be a slight variation, and the same goes for any email addresses that may contact you. Save your online casinos via bookmarks to avoid an online casino scam whilst searching for your favourite sites. You should also familiarize yourself with the difference between HTTPS and HTTP. Reputable online casinos should begin with HTTPS, as this is a more protected webpage and provides a lot more security. If you notice any strange letters or numbers at the start of the webpage, it’s probably not legit.

Reporting Online Casino Scams

If you have been victim to an online casino scam, you should report it as soon as possible to help others from falling into the same trap. It is all too easy to type in your favourite casino and assume the first one you click is the correct one. Always be vigilant, and if you do find a scamming site, report them to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Want to know in depth about all the legal implications of online casino? Read here. 

Online casinos are an extremely popular choice for those who don’t have time to get to a casino or want to test their luck on their commute to work. Knowing how to stay safe and avoid scams means you can try your luck at your favorite casino games without having to worry.